At Carroll Fairon Solicitors we assist our clients to resolve their personal, business and property legal problems.  Through our process we ensure that our clients are clear on what they are trying to achieve, how to achieve it and why it’s possible to achieve their outcome within a legal framework.

Our Owner and Principal Lawyer Elizabeth Fairon has a passion for knowledge and learning.  Elizabeth believes that through knowledge and education you will be well informed not only about the legal issue you are facing and the solutions available to you, but also to be empowered to make informed decisions to resolve your matter. We have an experienced team of lawyers to assist you in resolving your personal, business or property legal matter through our knowledge based approach.

Our clients gain clarity of vision on what they are setting out to achieve and are armed with a strategy to resolve their matter.  We find that the benefits to our clients in working with Carroll Fairon Solicitors is that they are informed, empowered and focused.  They know their end game and ultimately achieve peace of mind knowing their issue is resolved.

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